Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves many important processes all entirely focused on generating high rankings on the major search engines such as Google. Central to all SEO is CONTENT; mainly a steady stream of highly targeted, highly relevant ARTICLES for the purpose of actively indexing new content on the site and syndicating optimized versions of the articles through web publishing sites.

SEO Copywriting
is the essential element in developing a steady stream of new, fresh, non-duplicate towards generating highly relevant, naturally occurring back links. It is the quality and quantity of back links that are the most important differentiators use by Google et al in ranking websites for relevance on a keyword by keyword basis. Optimum7 provides those who need a reliable source of copywriting a dedicated portal for actually ordering article content. All you have to do is provide the exact titles you wish to have written.

For each title, Optimum7 will provide you with a professionally written article of approximately 500 words for you to index, publish and otherwise build back links and ultimately traffic and new business.